PS3 Game Watch

Uncharted 2: Among Theives, Release Date: 15 Nov 2009, Publisher: Sony, Read News


The sequel to the 2007 action/adventure game hit.

Final Fantasy XIII, Release Date: April 2010, Publisher: Square Enix, Read News


Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Release Date: Unknown, Publisher: Square Enix, Read News


Late 2009 or early 2010 will be amazing for RPG Fans since we will actually be getting two new Final Fantasy games, both using the same hig-quality game engine.

Heavy Rain, Release Date: Late 2009, Publisher: Sony, Read News


Details are pretty scarce on this adventure game, but the technology and the large scope of this game make it one that I am highly interested in.

Beyond Good and Evil 2, Release Date: 2009, Publisher: Ubisoft, Read News


The first Beyond Good and Evil had amazing level maps, funny jokes and a lot of action. All Ubisoft has released on the sequel is a small trailer with some great rendered scenes.

White Knight Chronicles, Release Date: 2009, Publisher: Sony, Read News


While waiting for Final Fantasy XIII, this japanese RPG looks like a lot of fun with gorgeous graphics and an interesting story line. It’s already out in Japan. Let’s up they translate it quickly.

End of Eternity, Release Date: Unknown, Publisher: Sega, Read News