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for the first time in a long time i thought of writing something  here in my not really fond of writing anything..telling the world wide web what i feel..:-)

my site is a collection of anything i came across on the net..what i like and what interests me..

i love taking pictures..about anything and everything…

to start with ..i am sharing you some of the pictures i took…lets start with the food stuff..coz i love to eat…hahahha!!

i love coffee..i took this pic at Les Caraibes in Batangas..and this is the famous kapeng barako of batangas..hmmm..doesnt like it that much..:-)…but i had a great time there..

Les Caraides, Batangas3 copy

i love pritong tilapia..
my manong mark prepared this dish when we spent our summer vacation in Lucban..he is my sis husband..the best brother-in-law in the world…very nice and funny..

pritong tilapia

yummy favorite pancit of lucban..when we where in Lucban, we ate pancit almost everyday..grabe!..that time i was thinking of not eating pancit anymore when i get back home to cdo..hahaha..this picture of pancit was taken when we had a dinner at Buddy’s Lucban..the best place to dine in town…

buddy's pancit

Buko Pie of Laguna…not really that yummy..hehehe…we bought this on our way to Lucban..



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