Nursing E-Books (free download)





  1. Penny

    Your site helped me a lot. .
    Thanks you sooo much.
    I hope you’ll keep on adding more books!
    Anyway. . Do you have any book about pathophysiology?

    Thank you again . . .

  2. amy

    i love you! thank you so much for all these books! do you Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Concepts Of Care in Evidence-Based Practice, the 6th edition, by chance? thanks so much!

  3. kimberly

    your site is a great help!! thank you so much.. lippincott’s manual of nursing practice links are dead.. i hope you can do something about it.. anyways, thank you so much for your generous and helpful heart.. ^^,

  4. sage

    i downloaded some of ur ebooks but i wasnt able to open it. how can i view a NRG file? i google it and i found out i need to burn the nrg file to be able to view it. is there any way i can open it directly to my laptop without burning it?

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