Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews : Pharmacology

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»Book Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (January, 2000)
»ISBN: 0781724139
»Book author: Mary Julia Mycek, Richard A., Ph.D. Harvey, Pamela C. Champe
»Amazon Rating: 4.5

Book Description:
Students and faculty alike have attested to the extraordinary success rate of the Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews–the unparalleled review texts that clarify the essentials students need to know for the Boards through an easy-to-use outline format and illustration program. Now, the Pharmacology review has been updated and enhanced to ensure that students fully master the most current information.Designed and edited by top educators, the book helps the student tie together the visual and cognitive elements of learning for superior recognition and recall. More than 500 pictures and diagrams, carefully crafted to complement and amplify the text, are completely integrated with the text. Board-type questions, with detailed explanations of the answers, are included with each chapter. This new Second Edition also includes a series of illustrated case studies. A unique Infolink cross-referencing system between the Pharmacology and Biochemistry volumes of this series enables students to interrelate the two disciplines.

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