Pocket Radiologist: (cd-rom For Pda)

Publisher: W.B. Saunders Company
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Publication Date: 2002-04
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ISBN / ASIN: 0721606741
EAN: 9780721606743
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: W.B. Saunders Company
Studio: W.B. Saunders Company
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Pocket Radiologist (Palm & PPC)

Never before has essential diagnostic guidance been so quick and convenient to access! In conjunction with Amirsys Inc., W.B. Saunders is pleased to present a new family of pocket-sized diagnostic imaging resources unlike any other clinical references available. This best-selling series has set the standard for quick, easy-to-use, print and PDA reference tools for the top 100 diagnoses in each specialty area. Its unique organization and concise, bulleted text combined with 2 crisply reproduced, high-resolution radiologic images/color illustrations per diagnosis make it remarkably easy to accurately and rapidly confirm or rule out a diagnosis.
* 16 volumes cover a wide range of radiologic specialties, including musculoskeletal imaging • head and neck imaging • neuroimaging • chest imaging • ultrasound • cardiac imaging • spine imaging • vascular imaging • pediatric imaging • gastrointestinal/genitourinary imaging • and emergency imaging.
* For each diagnosis, readers will find 1 – 2 radiologic images/illustrations, plus lists of Key Facts • Imaging Findings • Differential Diagnosis • Clinical Issues • Pathologic Features • and References.
* Imaging Findings include General Features • CT Findings • and MR findings, as well as Other Modality Findings and Imaging Recommendations (where appropriate).
* Pathologic Features detail General Pathology • Gross Pathologic/Surgical Features • Microscopic Features • and Staging or Grading Criteria.
* Clinical Issues address Presentation as well as Natural History and Treatment and Prognosis (where relevant).

The Pocket Radiologist series:
o Brain
o Head and Neck
o Spine
o ER-Trauma
o Muscoloskeletal
o Temporal Bone
o PedsNeuro
o Chest
o Cardiac
o Vascular
o Abdominal
o Interventional
o Pediatrics
o Obstetrics
o Genycology
o Breast


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