MIMS Abbreviated Medicine Information and MIMS DrugAlert.

try this link it has a kg + MIMS Abbreviated Medicine Information and MIMS DrugAlert.

More about MIMS on PDA
MIMS DrugAlert is an evidence-based interaction tool that allows you to search for interactions between two or more (prescription and over-the-counter) medications or herbs.

Written by an editorial team in Sydney using both primary and secondary sources of evidence, MIMS DrugAlert is constantly maintained and is regularly updated for MIMS on PDA every month

Undertaking a generic or brand name search is made easy by choosing medicines from a simple scrolling pick-list. =

You are offered a simple, but powerful statement about the potential of the medicines/herbs to interact in three clear sections – Actions, Details and Classes.

:: Actions
A concise statement describing how the medicine interacts with the other and what actions, if any, the clinician should undertake if the medicines are used. To assist the user in making a decision, this is the screen first presented when a search is undertaken.

:: Details
A more detailed statement, outlining the salient clinical points. 9B

:: Classes
A description of the interaction classes that the products have been grouped in, and therefore the type of products between which this interaction may occur.

Switching between the three statements is fast; all are presented to the user at the same time. z_Cp

Note: Space considerations mean that MIMS DrugAlert references are not provided on MIMS on PDA, but are available for easy review on eMIMS or DrugAlert Online.


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