Recorderx 1.3


RecorderX is a powerful and functional sound recording software designed for Palm Treo. You may use RecorderX to record phone conversation, make voice memo, make conference notes, or capture any sound. The outstanding and friendly UI design of RecorderX is also specially optimized for the Treo’s QWERTY keyboard.
RecorderX includes the following main features:

* Record sound directly on Treo.
* Record phone calls directly on Treo.
* Automatic phone calls recording.
* Adjustable auto naming rule.
* Unlimited recording duration (Recording duration is only limited by the remaining memory or the SD card free space).
* Standard WAVE format output for the recorded sound, which may be played back on the PC with general WAVE player.
* Support ADPCM compression, which may deflate the sound file size down to 25%.
* Recording in background while the screen is turned off.
* Adjustable one button recording.
* Store sound records in the internal memory or on the external SD card.
* Move sound files between internal memory and SD card.
* Organize sound records into categories, more than 16.
* Supporting background playback recorded files.
* Supporting “A <> B” repeating playback.
* Supporting speed control.
* Multiple recording quality selection.
* Support sending sound records via e-mail.
* Beam sound records over IR.
* Intuitive and easy to use UI.
* Completely 5-way navigation buttons support.
* Optimized for Treo 600/650/680/700p.

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