Quick-access reference for nurses and advance practice nurses

Specifically focused towards patient-care, The Nurse’s Pocket Drug Guide, PDA edition is a quick-access reference for registered nurses and advanced practice nurses. It provides vital, up-to-the-minute information related to the selection and administration of 1000 commonly-used medications. It includes drug interactions, laboratory test-findings, nursing implications, and patient education for each drug and herbal supplement. The Nurse’s Pocket Drug Guide features key data on common uses, mechanisms of action, pediatric and adult dosages, and common side effects.

* Mechanisms of Action
* Pediatric and Adult dosage information
* Cautions and Contraindications
* Dosing Formulations
* Common Side Effects

* Data for 1000 common medications
* Drug Interactions
* Common medical herbs and other supplements
* Laboratory test-findings
* Nursing Implications
* Patient Education for each drug and herbal supplement

Exclusive PDA features include:

* Medication lookup by classification, generic name or brand name
* Searchable Comprehensive index
* Palm and PocketPC device support
* Palm, and PocketPC memory card support
* Bookmarks and notes
* Aesthetically pleasing and easy to use graphical interface featuring web-like navigation

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