Medical Apps for Palm / Non- Skyscape Programs all together (Medicine)

DOWNLOAD: palm-medicine

I’ll spare you all the hassle of gathering all of them together! These are small programs tried and tested to work with any Palm device without the hassle/registration. I’ll include a list, plus a short description how it can be useful. Anyway here they are:

1. FirstAid – useful as a quick reference guide for on the spot situations, like Snake Bites, Choking, Minor cuts, etc.
2. Eponyms – Kernigz? Brudzinky sign? What the hell? Don’t worry Eponyms is here to help you figure out well.. that eponym! LOL
3. MedCalc – works like Skyscape’s Archimedes. Needs medcalc.prc which is also included in the package
4. MedRules – useful as quick reference guide for rules of thumb in medicine
5. MedMnemonics – cranial nerves? diagnostic criteria for SLE? Mnemonics will help you memorize them
6. PDDose – helpful for on the spot computation of dosage by weight for common pediatric medications
7. Drips – for drip rates/dosage infusion computations. Helpful if you’re rotating in the ICU.
8. ICUMath – MUST HAVE for everybody, contains mini calculator, rules of thumbs, diagnostic criterias, etc
9. MentStatus – Checklist in performing a mini mental status examination
10. Pregdates – useful in calculating for LMP, EDC for patients. In my opinion, better than OBWheel and PregTrak
11. Rounds – useful for jotting on the spot information during rounds. Nifty tool called “trends” that helps quickly identify patterns of each patient’s laboratory results
12. ACLS – for quick information about ACLS, simple interface, but useful too
13. ABGPro – quick ABG calculations, good for on the spot reference and as a checker for ABG exercises
14. COPD Gold – guidelines for treatment of COPD in a mini skyscapelike interface
15. JNC7-HPN – guidelines for treatment of Hypertension from JNC7 convention. The medication part is the best as it considers indication/contraindication if needed
16. NAEPP-GINA – guidelines for treatment of Asthma from GINA
17. PalmEKG – simple but useful program to study basic ECG patterns. Useful too as source of interval values (QT,PR,etc) for each case.
18. TBinstall – guidelines for treatment of tuberculosis
19. Laborcoach – helpful as a timer guide in monitoring contractions during labor


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