Introducing a new and improved version of ePocrates Rx Pro for Palm OS devices synchronized with Windows computers.

In addition to the continually updated drug and formulary content available in ePocrates Rx, ePocrates Rx Pro includes:

* Over 400 alternative medicine monographs and interactions
* Over 50 clinical tables and treatment guidelines
* ePocrates ID infectious disease guide
* MedMath calculator with added formulas NEW!
* Integrated weight-based dosing calculator NEW!
* Improved user interface NEW!
* Free phone support!

Here is Epocrates Pro 6.0. The files have been extracted from the windows installer.

Note: Read the installation files that come with the attachment.

Set the ePocrates conduit in your Hotsync Manager to “do nothing”. As soon as it updates with their server it’ll downgrade to NON premium version. So you have a choice: premium features-no updates, or update and lose the premium features.

Here are more detailed instructions (disclaimer: I have not tested this):

1. Download installer file from epocrates [this is the free version of epocrates]

Epocrates Installer: Link:

2. Unpack to install on your desktop PC [this will setup your desktop conduit]
3. Hotsync your palm then delete epocrates Rx and ID from your handheld
4. Set the ePocrates conduit in your Hotsync Manager to “do nothing” as the default.
5. Install all 49 files of epocratesPRO 6.0
6. This will give you ePocratesPro 6.0 with ePocrates Rx, ePocrates ID, the Alternative Meds, the ePocrates Tables, and Multicheck (a check for drug interactions.)

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