CalenNotes 2.0

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Manage Your Life with “Ease” on Palm OS!

CalenNotes allows you to quickly and accurately enter daily appointment and tasks using your own handwriting. It features an intuitive system that is similar to that provided by paper planners. For every day of the year, CalenNotes gives you a large* paper-like canvas to enter all your daily appointments and tasks, and with patent-pending technologies, such as PanWrite®, DualView, and IntelliScroll, your experience will be a lot more enjoyable.

Since daily responsibilities can be divided into either time-specific actions (a.k.a. daily appointments) or non-time specific actions (a.k.a. daily tasks), CalenNotes provides an appointment counter and a separate task counter so you can keep track of how many of each type of action you have for any particular day. In addition to a Day view, included also is a Month view so with a single glance you can quickly see how many actions were not completed as well as how many actions you have coming up.

Newly added Anywhere Alarms allows you to set multiple alarms anywhere on any given page, therefore allowing you to set focus areas on different parts of a page to be displayed when the alarm goes off. No need to go into the application to find out what the alarm was for. CalenNotes also includes its own built-in Alarm Manager for easy retrieval of past and future alarms and supports repeating alarms that can be set to repeat by day, week, month, or year.

And just to name a few more features, CalenNotes allows you to share notes via Bluetooth, E-mail, and IR beaming and has full support for 5-way navigation.

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