Fast file transfers to iTouch/iPhone via USB. Windows guide.

Since psx games can be very large, it can take awhile to transfer via SSH/SCP. So for those who have Windows, here’s a quick guide to transfer files over USB. This is possible for Mac users as well, but requires Erica’s Macintosh tools.

To install:
First get t-pot. The most recent version at the time of this writing is:
Home page:

t-pod is a plugin for an application called total commander.

Download and install Total Commander from:

After Total Commander is installed, unzip t-pot to a folder. Run Total Commander and goto “Configuration/Options” in the file menu. Goto “Plugins” and then click the “WFX” menu button. “ADD” the t-pot’s .wfx file that you unzipped. After adding it to Total Commander, close Total Commander, and load it again. T-pot should now be installed.

To use:
Connect the iPhone/iTouch via USB.
At the top of the two window panes is a drop down menu usually labeled [-c-]. Select Network Neighborhood [–] from it. Choose t-pot from the window pane. You should now be looking at the file system of your iPhone/iTouch. Now you can drag over files from the other window pane to it.

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