How to Train an Untrainable Dog

By Eric Letendre, eHow Expert in Dog Training


Step 1

Establish leadership.

Dogs are social animals and respond to a social structure. The better you are at becoming the leader, the faster an untrainable dog will listen to you.

Step 2

Exercise your untrainable dog.

Most dogs that are very difficult to train have a lot of pent-up energy. By giving the untrainable dog a lot of exercise, it will be easier for the dog to learn.

Step 3

Once leadership and exercise have been used, it’s time to start teaching the untrainable dog obedience. The first step with obedience training is attention. Spend the majority of your time teaching attention until you can get your dog to look at you every time you say his name.

Step 4

Once attention has been established you can start teaching the other basic commands: sit, stay, stand, down, come and heel. These are the basic commands that every dog should learn.

Step 5

Stick with the steps outlined in this article–and your “untrainable” dog will no longer have that undeserved title.

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