English Foxhound

General Description

The English Foxhound is an elegantly bodied dog with an athletic build and clean-cut appearance. They have a long neck and sturdy hindquarters. Their limbs are perfectly straight and feature round, cat-like feet. They have a wide skull and a long muzzle, and their eyes are large and possess a sweet expression. Ears of this breed are pendant-shaped and lay flat to the dog’s head. Their tail is carried upward. The English Foxhound has a short, hard coat that is tri-color (black, white, and tan) or bi-color with a white background.

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The English Foxhound is lively, active, and courageous. This breed is an outstanding, hard-working hunter. While initial training of these dogs requires a great deal of patience, they are eventually quite receptive and obedient of their master. This breed prefers to be in the company of other dogs, but they are very social and friendly with people as well. They get along well with other animals and children. Because the English Foxhound uses up a great deal of its energy at an early age, they are usually ready to retire from their work by the age of 7 or 8. When this breed is young, they are able to run for hours at a consistent speed. They are faster than the American Foxhound, but their personality is very similar. If given sufficient exercise, the English Foxhound makes a good companion.


21 – 25 inches


65 – 70 pounds

General Health

The English Foxhound is a very hardy, healthy breed. These dogs usually live for less than 10 years.


The English Foxhound is the result of a thoughtful mixing of various hound breeds that were then carefully bred with the Bulldog, the Greyhound, and the Fox Terrier. These latter three breeds contributed valuable characteristics to the English Foxhound, including sudden spurts of speed, force and authority, and passion for the hunt.


The hard, short-haired coat of the English Foxhound is easy to groom and maintain. The coat should be combed and brushed with a firm bristle brush, and it should be dry shampooed only as necessary. The English Foxhound is an average shedder.

Ideal Environment

The English Foxhound is not suitable for life in a small household or apartment. They are a very active working breed that needs to be able to run on a daily basis. If confined or exercised poorly, this breed is likely to become destructive. English Foxhounds are very active indoors and are happiest with acreage. This breed will chase after an interesting scent, so its important not to take the English Foxhound off its leash in an unsafe area.

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