Optical Illusion 2

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Optical Illusion #21: Is the ferris wheel rotating clockwise or counter clockwise?

Optical Illusion #22: Stare at the image for 30 seconds and then look at a blank wall.

Optical Illusion #23: A chair with a 3d effect of a man sitting on it.

Optical Illusion #24: A classic photographic illusion.

Optical Illusion #25: Amazing 3d art illusion of a bottle on a truck.

Optical Illusion #26: A cool illusion photo of a man standing on top of a coke bottle.

Optical Illusion #27: Look around this image and look in the middle, and you will notice the streaks moving.

Optical Illusion #28: A cool photo illusion, not altered in any way, which appears to be a woman holding a small man in her hand. Unfortunately, she sneezed right after this and he is now half the man he once was, which wasn’t all that much of a man to begin with.

Optical Illusion #29: A reflective optical illusion using a camera.

Optical Illusion #30: An illusion of a woman holding the sun gently in her hand. A really lovely picture.

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