Hands Of God Seen In Clouds

These two images below weren’t tempered in no way, using photoshop nor similar image editing tools. However, It can’t be too certain if such a wonderfull cloud-shapes could actualy take shape by themselves. What do you think? Do they remind you of Michaelangelo’s painting “The Creation Of Adam”? Hands of God:

Photo Of An Angel

Can you see the face of an angle in this unbelievable photo?! It took me a while, but when I noticed it, I can’t stop seeing it! Wonderful! You can clearly see a face in the middle of the picture, but jump inside this article if you can’t see it.

Joshua: “I am a student at a middle school. One day my Bible teacher showed me this amazing photo of an angel. Because I didn’t see it at first I was disappointed, but after about 5 minutes it suddenly revealed itself to me. I’ve tried the best I can to outline it for you, so just bear with it. Besides its beauty, the picture is also an illusion at first… until you finally see it. I also have an artistic friend who’s painting this for me, and when he does, I will send you a picture. Pretty awesome, ehh!?”

Joshua: “The story is that one day a lady was driving down to her parents home in Iowa, and decided to stop and take a picture of the reflection of the stars and trees on a lake at night. When she finally developed the roll, she thought that the picture came out bad, but that it was unusually pretty, so she entered it in some photo contest. People began questioning her on the body that is seen in the picture. Just like everyone else, it took her a few minutes to pick it out. When she finally did, she was faint. For the last picture just follow this: H=head, W=wings, N= neck, A=arm, T=torso”.

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