Amazing Optical Illusions

Optical Illusion #1: stare at the center and notice what color the pink dots become. That color is NOT actually there.

Optical Illusion #2: There are 7 eagles in this very cool illusion painting.

Optical Illusion #3: Look at the sports car next to the van. It’s actually a car painted on the van.

Optical Illusion #4: If you stare at the kitten’s eyes for a few seconds, it will appear as though the kitten has extra toes. This illusion is created because of eye fatigue which makes the brain believe– Hey, wait a minute. This kitten DOES have extra toes!

Optical Illusion #7: They painted the bottom of this elevator so it looks like it has no floor. Either that or they really had to cut back on the budget in that building!

Optical Illusion #8: Figures of horses hiding within the image.

Optical Illusion #9: Stare at the image carefully and find out what shape appears.

Optical Illusion #10: A terrace turns into a floor.

Optical Illusion #11: Illusion of angels and horses.

Optical Illusion #13:

Optical Illusion #14: Can you figure out what is going on with this strange photo of a castle and its reflection?

Optical Illusion #15: There is a hidden face within the beans. How fast can you find it?

Optical Illusion #16: An image of John Lennon. Read between the lines.

Optical Illusion #17: Illusion of a man holding his chest.

Optical Illusion #18: These guys are actually lying down on the ground. Either that or the people at the top right of the picture are standing sideways.

Optical Illusion #20: A woman looking into a mirror turns into a skull.

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