More Funny Dog and Cat Pictures:

Playing Cat covering dog’s eyes with paws

Guess Who?

Cat Attack
We couldn’t resist re-posting these funny flash clip of kittens attacking

Come on. I DARE you to pounce me! I DARE you I say! Scaredy cat. You think you’re so big and tough!

Yeah, I can walk! I’m KING of the yard! I’m king of the whole WHOOOOOOOOA!

Mommy, the diaper monster is attacking me again!

Cat and Kitten sleeping in sink

Oh, hi… Hope you don’t mind, but we found your cat door, and just thought we’d make ourselves at home. Nice place over all, but low fat milk? We left most of it on the floor… This sink is perfect, though. And nice claw sharpening furniture. Tell ya what- We’ll tolerate you living here too, but NO DOGS, and could you put a bird feeder on the balcony? Ok, so we’re gonna go back to snoozing for a while. Check in with ya later. Could your hit the light on your way out?

Pic of sad Kitten getting shower

I, I thought you loved me.

Siamese Kitten enjoying playing on a computer

Oh my God! I now have the highest score on “chase the dog”! I am the queen of the World!

Very Cute, playing kittens touching paws

I love dancing to this song!

Cute dog and cat poster

Cute Sleeping puppies

So they all rolled over and one fell off, there were four in the bed and the little one said “Roll over. Roll over”…

Cute dog poking his head out from hole in building

Pssst. Hey you! Come here! Wanna buy some soup bones cheap?

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