Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job

This magnificent and illusionary posters are just a part of campaign for those who need a new job. It’s also mystery explained for those who believed coffe machines, ATMs and photobooths are operated by trolls who power them from the inside. More pictures inside this post! (click on the title)

Nike Building Illusion

Check out this cool billboard for Nike Tennis shoes! It appears that the building behind them is bent, which should illustrate how perfect those shoes are and how fast they can make you run with them! Brilliant advertising idea!

Fedex T-Shirt Illusion

Another great illusion I found at Billboardom. Could you spot the illusion if you didn’t read the post’s title? Look at the guy for a second… now try and find where does optical illusion hide? Solution is inside the post…

Elevator With No Floor! Go Ahead, Step Inside…

Deceiving Billboard Ads

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