Funny Pics of Kittens and Puppies:

Huge Furry Pet Monster
(I thought this was an alien species of cat, but the Sorensen Kids emailed me to say their scientific conclusion is that it is a the wild, elusive, Great White Himalayan Fur Bunny. (Or maybe a pet rabbit). So thanks for the correction. Any other guesses? Maybe it’s a Guinea pig??) A Mutant mouse-sheep?

My great grandmother on my mother’s side- she was the blacksheep of the family. That was probably because she was actually a sheep.

Fluffy puppy dogs before and after a bath

How– How could you do this to us? We love you. We give you kisses. We keep you safe from evil mail carriers. We poo in the neighbor’s yard… And you thank us by– THIS? I think I’ll live in here till I look canine again…

Kitten Grabbing Foot

Let’s see now, if I remember my instincts, now I’m supposed to bite something really hard…

Pic of sleeping cute little white kitten and stuffed animal

I am the Great Bear-Catching Lion, I am invincible! Yet just a little sleepy….

Kitten attacking sleeping kitten: Kittie Revenge

Are you having a good SLEEEEP?!!!!

Funny Cat picture: a very long neck or removable head.

Darn it, every time I see a big dog, I totally lose my head…

Dog looking at kittens in a box

Here’s the rules – in the house, we can be buddies. But if we’re both outside when other dogs can see me, I gotta pretend to chase you, ok?

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