funny and cute animal pics

This little baby deer was orphaned, lost and alone, and hiding on this porch. This could be a disney movie…

Another cute little fawn…

Are you sure you’re my Mommy?

Cute kitten with baby duckling

It’s okay. You can trust me. I’ll play real gentle.

Big dog with little baby chick

This is so embarassing.Why couldn’t I have adopted the deer?

Cute Baby Hedgehogs

I’m all warm and coooooooooozyyyyyyyyy. But my butt itches.

Dog adopts squirrel as part of her litter. Stranger things have happened in the world of animals. Actually, no, this is pretty much the strangest…

Cute Dophin and dogs

You wanna come over to our house and play?

Monkey Hugging Dog

Sometimes, a monkey just needs a hug…

And the grand finale of cross-species animal buddies:

I’m sooo confused! Are you supposed to be my best buddy or my lunch?

Cute Baby Racoon

Cute Snuggling Kittens

I just love rainy days.

Really cute baby monkeys (or maybe micro-monkeys)

You have me wrapped around your finger.

Cute Baby Hamster

Cute Laughing Kitten

I just crack myself up!

Surfing Dolphins

Nice try humans. But we’ll show you how it’s REALLY done!

Cute puppies on a bench

I think somebody wet the blanket…

Penguins gone wild: Funny slapping penguin pic

Gee, I wonder if Martha is still mad about last night.

Really cute baby Penguin

Funny animals Video: Compilation of funny animal bloopers

Cute Kitten working hard

I’m really sorry I scratched the couch. Can’t I please go play now?

Cute Puppies

Awwwe, we wanna play too…

Cute Kitty in a Cup

Ahhhhhhh- this water is so warm! Oops- I made bubbles…

Cute Dophin and dogs

You wanna come over to our house and play?

Jedi Sqirrels

Finally ready for Dog Vador, we are!

Cute Kitten sleeping

Could you rub my tummy just a little longer?

Cute, Funny cat pouncing flash video clips

Come on. I DARE you to pounce me! Yeah, I can walk! I DARE you I say! Scaredy cat!

I’m KING of the yard! You think you’re so big and tough!

Amazing and Funny Talking Cats Video

Cat sleeping in Dog’s bed

YOU ARE SO IN MY BED! If you aren’t outathere in 10 seconds, I’ll… I’ll… well I’ll sit here and stare at you even HARDER! I can barely even fit my butt in this thing…

Pics of Really Cute Kittens

I know. I’m just a wittle heart breaker.

Ahhh- Weekends!

Can you believe my head actually weighs more than my body? Uh oh, I’m gonna tip over.

Suddenly,the giant Kitty-monster stomped into the unsuspecting town.

ahhhh. This is the life… You watch out, you dream mice you.

oh dear…. oh dear…. it’s getting windy again…. And I’m just a little fluff ball…. yup, pretty much just fur. That’s me. I guess I better eat some more just to make sure I don’t blow away again. Last time I landed in Kansas!

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