Lucban,Quezon Province

The Municipality of Lucban (Filipino: Bayan ng Lucban) is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 45,616 people.

This municipality rests at the foot of the prestigious Mt. Banahaw and is the seat of higher learning in the province as it houses the main campus of Southern Luzon State University, formerly known as Southern Luzon Polytechnic College.

Lucban is famous around the world for the annual Pahiyas Festival which is held every May 15 in honor of the patron saint of harvest, Isidore the Laborer the Farmer.


Legend has it that the town derived its name from Lucban or Pomelo fruit tree. Three hunters from Majayjay, Laguna named Marcos Tigla,
Luis Gumba and Lucas Manawa lost their way at the foot of Mount Banahaw they lost their way following the trail of some wild animals. Resting
under a tree, they saw a black crow or “uwak” up on a tree, and believing this to be a bad omen, they moved to another location and
rested once more. While resting under a large shady pomelo or lucban tree, the trio were attracted to a couple of kingfishers (salaksak)
singing. Fascinated by the beautiful color and lovely rhythmic chirps of the birds, the superstitious hunters took the incident as a sign of
good fortune and decided to settle in the place and named it “Lucban.”The people of Lucban accepted the story as true. Marcos Tigla was the
first gobernadorcillo in 1596, then Lucas Manawa took over the responsibility for four years. Today Lucban is a thriving community
surrounded by its pristine environment and retaining its historic beauty.

Pahiyas Festival

Lucban celebrates the Pahiyas Festival every May 15 in honor of the patron saint of farmers, St. Isidore. This festival showcases a street of houses which are adorned with fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, handicrafts and kiping, a rice-made decoration, which afterwards can be eaten grilled or fried. The houses are judged and the best one is proclaimed the winner. Every year,tourists roam the municipality to witness the decoration of houses.

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