Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel,Lucban Quezon

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Piknikan sa Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel
Barangay. Malupak, Lucban, Quezon, Philippines

Hotel Rooms
An array of hotel rooms are available
for those who wishes to stay close to the comfort of urban living while
being relatively close to nature.

Rest Houses

• Pretty Paw House 10 person capacity
• Fidez House (front) 10 person capacity
• Jessa House (back) 6 person capacity
• Lambingan House 10 person capacity

Fully Furnished houses with Kitchen, Hot and Cold Shower, Cable TV and Air conditioning.

If you like to stay closer to nature, Batis Aramin has a wide variety of cottages to choose from.

• Kubo 2
Fan room with common restroom
• Kubo 3-5
Fan rooms with restroom

• Cottage 5
First and second floor

• Anahaw 1-5
Fan room with common restroom
• Anahaw 5-6
Fan Room with restroom

• Kubo sa Batis 1-2
Fully Airconditioned room with restroom
• Kubo sa Batis 3-8
Fan rooms with common restroom

• Kawayan 1-2
Fan room with restroom
• Kawayan Attic
Fan room with common restroom

• Harana
2 rooms and dining area
• Francine & Pancho
Fully Airconditioned rooms with Cable TV and Hot and Cold shower

and Activities

• Boating
Water slithering through your paddle as cool winds blow against your
hair, in the middle of the stream, its just you your boat and your
paddle. Boating is one of the fun activities here in Batis Aramin, just
ask our staff for assistance.

• Fishing
Waiting for a bite while sitting on a woodenplank, mossy bucket of
worms and bait, cranking of gears as the line dives in water and makes
a silent splash. It is said that fishing is one of the most relaxing
activities to do if you’re tired of the hustle and bustle in the city.
Try it in Batis Aramin.

• F Valde Multipurpose Gym
An open air covered sports court. Aside from Basketball, Volleyball and
Badminton F Valde Multipurpose Gym is available for any sporting
activity you could come up with. In F Valde Multipurpose Gym, rain or
shine, you’re always game on.

• Swimming Pools
After a trip around the beautiful resort, the four swimming pools to
choose from is a perfect way to help you relax and enjoy more of nature.

Reception Hall

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