Selhurst Park Jesus Illusion

Michael Tulley sent in this new Jesus Illusion Along with the aerial photo below, he wrote: “I don’t know if you have seen this before, this is an aerial photograph from It shows the football ground of Crystal Palace FC in London, England. The image of Jesus appears in the wear and tear of the grass on the pitch! Regards, Michael.”

Google Jesus Illusion

Some people see Jesus everywhere: in tacos, in clouds, on walls, through stripes… probably one of those individuals found this image using Google Maps/Google Earth and posted it here. Judge for your self. Is it because of the ground? Maybe the clouds are lined up in this order… there’s even a chance some ancient civilization curved this image in rocks! Oh, it’s located somwhere in Peruvian sand dunes… You can see it for yourself if you visit this Google Maps link.


10:00 PM It looks like a face. Not sure it looks like Jesus though.

5:17 AM I dunno. I see a delta wing jet fighter.

First, this isn’t Google Earth. It’s from the google maps website. Second, could you link to it so we can judge for ourselves? It could be photoshop for all we know.

Stop being so enamored with things people send you and start thinking about them.

And i was able to find this on google earth, as well as google maps. Its in those mountains in south america.

Google Maps link here

5:27 AM Jesus??? Looks more like some Chinese Shaolin Master or maybe even Osamabin Laden LOL But Jesus ??? Hmmmm I dont think so!!!!

10:56 AM wow some people need to lighten up- i see a face, but a lot of people like to tag jesus’ name or mary’s name to the face cause only HOLY figures can appear in sand or cheese sandwiches. some people just can’t accept that it’s an illusion and looks like a generic human face

A 9:18 AM how do you know what jesus even looked like?

11:35 AM I also see an ashen faced elf-like guy with a beard and strange ears whispering into Jesus’s left ear. Does anyone have an idea what he might be saying?

“santa” has a beard.
why cant that be santa?

10:23 PM 16°20’2.17″S 71°58’24.18″W
(For those who want to find it on Google Earth itself)

11:47 AM Isnt there a chance that this image has been doctored?
I am in image technician in the private sector and my company was hired to review some of the doctored lebanese photographs.

I ran this amge though 2 of our filters. There is no way that it can be traced unless it is the original image. Everytime it is recopied and pasted its binary language changes.


5:26 PM i’m goin for Moses on this one

12:40 PM I really have a hard time understanding why when people see a face in a random objet or picture such as this (or like the burned toast, grilled cheese, or the most recent one about an MRI) why it always has to be Jesus or the virgin mary. I’ve seen one of these “Jesus” images and I thought it looked more like what we imagine Santa Claus to be.

Honestly, what would be Jesus’ purpose in making an “image” of himself in a field, or a burn pattern, etc. That’s just stupid.

On top of that, if you actually do the studies on it, Jesus is of middle eastern descent, not the typical 30 year old caucasian with the long beard as most westerners portray him. I mean, I don’t think it really matters what he looks like, because it’s all about what one believes in. Whatever, not important. My point is, these “images of Jesus” don’t even really look like what Jesus probably really looked like. So yeah. I’m done.

5:08 AM Its Homers dad

12:17 PM Two words, Chuck Norris

10:22 AM I’m not so sure Its Jesus himself..who knows he can show up in many different places, he so chooses.But for those who say “how do you know what Jesus looked like?” He was at one point in time here on earth.. What makes you think that someone wouldn’t have painted a picture of such a great man or took some from of what he looked like down on stone or something so that we would be able to somewhat recognise him when or if you reach the kingdom of Heaven? Of course this photos not going to show his glory and light surrounding him because only your spirit can witness that when you’ve died.You can feel it if you have faith in him and are touched by the holly spirit but your human eyes are not going to see it.
I again dont fully believe that this picture is His mirror image. It might even be a decieving picture of a Deomn. The purpose of this picture..Unsure, but I dont feel its of the Lord.

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