About me

hi im bhing..

an MD..

a sister..


a friend..

a cousin..

a niece..

an outdoor photography


an internet geek..

a single mom..


Although I pretty much lost everything, words of gratitude are not enough to express my appreciation and joy for those who helped me and my daughter.
…to the people at Atty. Gilbert Uy’s residence for opening the gate for us despite the risk of doing it..
…to Mr. Rey Cid for taking time and effort kicking the window grills from the outside… if it wasn’t for him, we would have been trapped inside the room at the 2nd floor of Uy’s residence.
…to the Phil Army Rescue Team who rescued us.
…to my sister-in-law and her sister for letting us stay in their house…provided us food and clothes.
…to the people I texted when we were still at the rooftop for praying for us.
…to my brothers and sisters who kept us company through facebook when we were at the rooftop because I can’t be reached through phone.
…to our dog Bruno who warned me by knocking at my door as it quickly flooded  to a depth of about 20-25 feet.


All I can say is thank you all!!!
Thank You Mama Mary!
Thank You Lord!

( To our 17 neighbors who died from this horrific/tragic calamity, MAY YOU REST IN PEACE… +)

my location: cagayan de oro city, philippines