A Tambay Party List ( Ang Tao Muna at Bayan)

A TAMBAY is an acronym that stands for “Ang Tao Muna at Bayan”. The only political party who stand, protect and promote the interest, rights, and welfare of the working Filipino men and women who toil in our lands and around the globe, the contractual workers, the ambulant vendors, informal sector, unemployed, underemployed, temporary workers, the fishermens and farmers and other labor sectors of the Philippines society. A TAMBAY also seek to find ways to unite and improve the quality and creates a regime of social justice and equal opportunity between classes of citizens who wish to improve the quality of life.

The “Ang Tao Muna at Bayan” partylist aims

..to unite and strengthen all UNDEREMPLOYED, TEMPORARILY EMPLOYED, OFW’s (both sea based and land based); individuals, federations and associations both in the local and overseas, and to extend development support to Filipino members and their families, and the informal labor sector empowering them towards a better employment, self employment and entrepreneurship to achieve a high quality of life thus create more middle class in the country for building a strong nation;

…to facilitate assistance of basic needs, such as housing, health services, social services, welfare benefits and other related programs and services;

…to participate in the policy making and formulate action plans for the enhancement for the economic and social well being of the members, their dependents and beneficiaries;

..and to coordinate in planning economic development programs to enhance the economic and social well being of the unemployed, employed, temporarily employed, self employed and the informal labor sector, the Filipino Overseas Migrant Workers and their families here and abroad.

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