8 Men’s Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Men’s fashion mistakes – We all make fashion errors now and again, but some fashion mistakes made by men are just unforgivable. I have outlined eight fashion mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Here are the 8 mistakes that men should avoid according to Charismadecoded.com:

1.Socks with Sandals

Who decided this was okay in the first place? Living in the Northwest, I am unfortunately faced with some of the worst offenders of this major fashion don’t. I understand that when it is chilly outside we all dream of the warmth of the summer sun, but wearing socks with sandals doesn’t make the seasons change any faster. If you want to wear sandals this badly, move to a warmer climate.

2. Novelty Ties, Shirts, Boxer Shorts, Etc.

Just say no (I’m channeling Nancy Reagan). There is nothing lasting about novelty clothing nor does it project a stylish, put together image. Leave the smiley faces, hearts, reindeer, shamrocks, animal and various other prints on the racks of the store where you found them.

3.Blaring Designer Labels

This is a personal pet peeve of mine. I don’t want to be a walking advertisement and neither should you. It’s not a sophisticated look. Just because you are wearing a designer’s name on your chest, sleeve, or wherever, doesn’t make you stylish. Keep it understated and simple.

4. Backpacks at the Office

I work in a very upscale high rise in Seattle, filled with lawyers and other professional types and it never ceases to surprise how many men wearing nice suits are schlepping backpacks. Unless you are a student or are hiking up a mountain, leave the backpack at home. If you need something for your gym clothes, buy a nice looking gym bag (and there are options that don’t have big logos on them), or if you need something to carry your assorted papers, cell phone, day-planner, etc., get a nice messenger bag.

5. Chunky Shoes

These were okay back in the 90s, but the big chunky shoes, especially those with square toes, should be retired at this point. Choose something classic that stands the test of time.

6.Shiny or Glittery Shirts and Suits

If you are looking for something to go out nightclubbing in, I can think of much better choices than those that are glittery, shiny and ultimately tacky. If you are at a loss, try a form fitting black t-shirt or black dress shirt which can be worn with jeans or trousers and dress shoes or casual shoes.

7.Clothes That Are Too Loose Fitting

In a word, sloppy. Unless you are a hip hop artist, it’s not the right look. Choose clothes that fit your body. This might take some experimentation by mixing and matching certain cuts and styles until you find the right fit for your body that is flattering.

8.Unflattering Colors

That beautiful blue cashmere sweater you found on sale after Christmas might be really tempting, but if it makes you look ill it’s no bargain. The colors you wear should compliment your natural features such as your eye color, skin tone and body shape. Keep this in mind when putting your look together

These mistakes sounds pretty true!

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